Rotating Intern


  • DVM
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Phytotherapy (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Amaia graduated from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) in 2020. During her degree, she completed a 2 years internship in the Ruminant Clinical Service of the University of Zaragoza (SCRUM), actively participating in clinical research. She then worked for 2.5 years in Small Animal practice and hospital, including First Opinion Practice and Emergency and Critical Care roles. Following this, she joined Highcroft Veterinary Referrals (now BVS) in 2023 as a rotating intern, with greater interest in surgery. Amaia enjoys all aspects of surgery, in particular soft tissue. She is currently finishing her FCert ECC studies and has now enrolled in a GpCert course in Small Animal Surgery.

Amaia has also a big interest in Phytotherapy and its potential for application in Small Animal Medicine. She has completed a Master’s Degree in Phytotherapy with the University of Zaragoza and carried out research including its use in farm animals against parasitic gastrointestinal tract infections and a review of the use of different plant based food supplements for osteoarthritis management in dogs and cats compared with and alongside conventional medications.


Publications and research:

  • Magdalena, A., Torre, A., Ventura, J.A., Pérez, M., Elorza J.,  Martínez S., Alvite, A., and Tena, L, 2019. Clinical and economic impact of an unfavourable ruminal environment in dairy goats. Tierras Caprino journal, 28, pp. 48-50.
  • Torre, A., Ferrer, L.M., Quintas, H., Scozzoli, M., Fernandez Blanco, A.M., 2021. Phytotherapy. A potential alternative tool against coccidiosis in sheep. Mundo Ganadero journal, ISSN 0214-9192, 298, pp. 18-23.
  • Coauthory participation in Pharmacology book: Botana, L.M. 2019. Veterinary Pharmacology: fundamentals and therapeutic applications. Panamericana editorial. ISBN 13: 9788491105336.


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