Bristol Vet Specialists is one of the largest and most advanced veterinary hospitals in the country. Its uniquely designed facilities include state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, alongside the only linear accelerator for pets in the South West, putting us at the forefront of cancer care for small animals.

Advanced cancer care

Having a radiation therapy facility (Linear accelerator) puts BVS at the forefront of cancer care for small animals. The sophisticated, image-guided radiation treatments we can offer are particularly beneficial to companion animals, allowing precise targeting of tumours with minimal damage to healthy tissue. This will also bring many cancers previously regarded as “untreatable” into the realm of treatability.

In addition to our radiation services, we offer a full range of medical oncology treatments including immunotherapy, small molecule inhibitors, interventional procedures and novel therapies, as well as a busy chemotherapy clinic, run by our specialist nursing team.

Our oncology team is assisted by cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, including a multi-slice CT scanner, ultrasonography and large specialist-led teams in diagnostic imaging, anaesthesia and analgesia, soft tissue surgery, neurology and internal medicine. 

Diagnostic and treatment facilities

Customer experience zone

Upon arrival, we welcome both clients and pets to our specific waiting areas, which have been designed to create a relaxed and informative environment, whilst you wait for your appointment. As part of our feline and canine friendly commitments, we have separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, to avoid the stress of your pet meeting the opposite species! We understand that veterinary visits can be stressful, so we provide all the necessary comforts to ensure a positive experience throughout your stay. Our clients can enjoy refreshments, access to WiFi, restroom facilities, and regular updates on their pet’s visit.

Consulting rooms

We also have separate consulting rooms for both our feline and canine patients. You will be directed to the consulting room from the customer experience zone by our consultants at the time of your appointment.

Dedicated discipline areas

Internal Medicine

In our multidisciplinary hospital, we have state-of-the-art facilities allowing us to perform multiple diagnostic procedures and treatments, often in a minimally invasive fashion.

We have a comprehensive endoscopy suite, allowing us to assess and take samples of the gut, nose, throat, lungs, bladder and urinary tract with a camera. Our endoscopes help us to remove foreign bodies (from the lungs, nose or gastrointestinal tract), and treat strictures (scarring tissue causing an obstruction) with balloon dilation.

We have an automatic bone biopsy system, allowing us to obtain better quality bone marrow samples than are usually achieved with manual techniques, with less pain and a quicker procedure.

We use a validated electronic continuous blood glucose monitoring system to accurately follow-up our diabetic patients and adapt their treatment.

Orthopaedics and Soft Tissue Surgery

Our team of specialist surgeons carry out an extensive range of procedures in our new purpose-built theatres. Superb on-site CT, MRI and radiotherapy facilities along with all the latest surgical technology underpin the activities of our surgeons whilst a patient’s surgical experience is further optimised by close involvement of our splendid anaesthesia, imaging and nursing teams.

Diagnostic imaging

Our brand new CT and MRI scanners are provided by Siemens, who are at the forefront of diagnostic imaging equipment in both the human and veterinary medical fields. Operated by our experienced radiographers, the 64 slice CT scanner and 1.5T MRI (a.k.a. high field MRI) will enable us to produce the highest quality images, allowing us to provide the best quality care for your pets/patients. Our radiographers work closely with our team of on-site specialist radiologists, allowing our team to assess the imaging studies at the time of acquisition and tailor the examinations to each patient. In combination with our incredibly capable ultrasound machine, which is operated by our expert radiologists, we are able to make sure the correct equipment is chosen and appropriately utilised to ensure efficient and appropriate diagnosis for every animal that visits our fantastic hospital.

Treatment facilities

Bristol Vet Specialists has five new spacious operating theatres. The theatres are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities enabling a range of surgical and minimally invasive “key-hole” procedures including laparoscopy, thoracoscopy and arthroscopy. We also have a dedicated interventional suite with a fluoroscopic unit used for acquiring real-time intra-operative images during soft tissue, orthopaedic, neurology and cardiac procedures. Our theatres are fully equipped with new anaesthetic machines, ventilators and multi-parameter monitoring systems. Intra-operative camera systems are also installed to provide images of the surgical field for the wider surgical team.

Onsite laboratory

We have the ability to perform urgent laboratory testing for your pet on-site but in many cases, we will elect to send your pet’s samples off to an external specialist laboratory for more in-depth testing.


We have state-of-the-art kennel facilities for both dogs and cats, which are located in separate areas of the hospital. The kennels are designed to make your pet’s stay with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Isolation units

Should your pet be at risk of spreading an infection to other animals during their stay with us, they will be housed in kennel facilities separate from the other dogs and cats in the hospital. They will receive the same excellent care care as all of our patients do, but with just a bit more PPE!

Separate canine and feline wings

Our hospital understands the importance of reducing patient stress, which is why we have separate floors for dogs and cats. Our species-specific facilities, including a dedicated specialist feline wing, have many benefits, including improved safety, fully customised treatment, enhanced hygiene, and a better experience for our clients and pets.

Additional facilities include:

  • Dedicated client and staff carpark.
  • Fully accessible building.
  • Outdoor space and grassland for exercising pets.

Here to help

Whether you are a vet phoning for advice, an owner phoning for an update, or if you have any questions, please get in touch and chat to a member of our team who are here to help you.

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