Consultant in Soft Tissue Surgery


  • EBVS® European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
  • RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Soft Tissue)
  • BVSc
  • PGCert
  • PGDip
  • MSc
  • DipECVS
Charlotte graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013 with distinction. Following graduation, she worked in general practice in Lincolnshire for 18 months. She completed her first rotating internship at a private referral hospital near Cambridge in 2016 and then returned to Bristol to complete a university rotating internship, surgical assistant role and three-year residency and master’s degree in small animal surgery at the University of Bristol. Charlotte became a European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery in 2022.

Charlotte enjoys all aspects of soft tissue surgery, with a particular interest in thoracic surgery and managing emergency and critical care patients.   

Publications and research:

  • Nurra, G., Howes, C., Chanoit, G., Meakin, L., Parsons, K. and Friend, E., 2022. Clinical use and complications of percutaneous cystostomy pigtail catheters in 25 cats. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, Vol. 24(6).
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  • Howes, C., Longley, M., Reyes, N., Major, A.C., Gracis, M., Fulton Scanlan, A., Bailey, S. and Langley-Hobbs, S.J., 2019. Skull pathology in 10 cats with patellar fracture and dental anomaly syndrome. Journal of feline medicine and surgery, 21(8), pp.793-800.
  • Howes, C. and Chanoit, G., 2018. Which sternotomy closure method (Orthopaedic Wire or Suture) is recommended in large breed dogs undergoing a median sternotomy? Veterinary Evidence, 3(2).
  • Howes, C., Nelissen, P. and Demetriou, J., 2017. Thoracoscopic‐assisted removal of a retained surgical swab following open pericardiectomy in a dog. Veterinary Record Case Reports, 4(2).

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