Renal adenocarcinoma in a Springer Spaniel

Jul 10, 2024 | Article, News

This is Sunny. He’s an 11-year-old Springer Spaniel who enjoys travelling around the UK and abroad. Recently, Sunny’s owners noticed that his usually hearty appetite had diminished, and he was simply not himself. Preliminary imaging investigations by his own vet indicated a very large kidney tumour, and Sunny was referred to Bristol Veterinary Specialists. 

Thorough clinical evaluation and advanced imaging was performed, then the findings discussed with Sunny’s owners. An operation was performed, by our team of surgical specialists, to remove the abnormal kidney. Although this can be a challenging surgery, particularly for large kidney tumours, Sunny’s procedure went smoothly, and he responded very well to his surgical intervention. In this CT image, of a cross section of Sunny’s abdomen, the red arrows show the tumour outline.

Laboratory analysis confirmed a diagnosis of renal adenocarcinoma, the commonest type of kidney tumour in dogs. The microscopic features of Sunny’s tumour are encouraging, and his owners can rest assured that the multidisciplinary team here at Bristol Veterinary Specialists are on hand should he ever need further attention in the future. Our highly experienced oncologists and oncology nurses can provide chemotherapeutic treatments and radiotherapy courses for patients for whom surgery alone is not enough.

Sunny is back in the swing of things and impatient to set off on his next adventure!

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