Consultant in Internal Medicine


  • EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Medicine
  • BVSc BSc (hons)
  • Cert AVP (ECC)
  • Dip ECVIM-CA (Internal Medicine)


Jennifer graduated from the University of Bristol in 2009. After several years in mixed practice, in Devon, she began working at an out of hours and emergency veterinary clinic in Lincoln. During this time, she obtained further qualifications in emergency and critical care before deciding to undertake an internship, and then residency, in small animal Internal Medicine back in Bristol – which she completed in January 2019. Jennifer joined Highcroft Veterinary Referrals (now BVS) in April 2019. She became an EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2021 and an RCVS Recognised Specialist in 2022.

Although she enjoys all aspects of internal medicine, she remains particularly interested in emergency and critical care, especially haematology.

Publications and research:

  • Stallwood J., Shirlow A. & Hibbert A. (2019). A UK-based survey of cat owners’ perceptions and experiences of antibiotic usage. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. 22. 1098612X1982635. 10.1177/1098612X19826353.
  • Stallwood J., Allen S., Allerton F., Adamantos S. & Black V. (2019). Spontaneous haemothorax in juvenile dogs: a case series. Companion Animal. 24. 14-18. 10.12968/coan.2019.24.1.14.
  • Finch N., Stallwood J., Tasker S., & Hibbert A. (2019). Thyroid and renal function in cats following low‐dose radioiodine (111Mbq) therapy. Journal of Small Animal Practice. 60. 10.1111/jsap.13057.
  • Brown P., Stallwood J., Costa M. & Bruneval P. (2019). Renin-producing Tumour in the Kidney of a Cat. Journal of Comparative Pathology. 170. 70-73. 10.1016/j.jcpa.2019.05.009.

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