Ophthalmology and Dentistry announced at Bristol Vet Specialists

Sep 28, 2023 | News

Highcroft Referrals, soon to be Bristol Veterinary Specialists, are happy to announce two new clinicians. Kerri-Lee Dobbie, who will head up our ophthalmology referral service, and Jose Carlos Almansa Ruiz, who will be leading our first Dentistry and Maxilliofacial surgery discipline.

Whilst we are anticipating the move into our new state of the art referral hospital, where both services will be in full swing, we are very excited to bring you a comprehensive advice service in both disciplines.

“Hi, my name is José, I am a RCVS and European Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry. I have recently joined Bristol Vet Specialists, and I am excited to head up the service when we open. I am available for advice over email Monday to Thursday or over the phone on Thursdays. I am happy to support you in managing any dentistry or maxillofacial cases that you may have, and to review and advise on CT scans of the head, intra-oral or head radiographs. Please feel free to contact me; photographs are always really helpful to fully understand the problem that you may be dealing with. Looking forward to working together soon. Kind regards, José”

“Hello, my name is Keri-Lee and I am so excited to have moved to the West Country and joined Bristol Veterinary Specialists! I´m a residency-trained and South African boarded veterinary ophthalmologist. Our comprehensive ophthalmology service will be open for receiving new cases once we complete the move to Avonmouth. In the meantime, I am available to you, for advice Mondays-Thursdays, for any ophthalmology cases that you would like a hand with. Please feel free to reach out – send photos along with a description and we can work through the case together. I am so looking forward to meeting you virtually, and looking forward to working together in the future once we are up and running”

To access the advice service please email us with your query on [email protected] or call us on 01275 838473. The advice service will run from Monday to Thursday every week, we look forward to working together.

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